Every Watering Word, A Book of Poems

“Every Watering Word” by Tanya Manning-Yarde is a stunning collection of poetry that delves into the complexities and contradictions of the human experience.Through a range of themes, Manning-Yarde delves into the diverse and intersecting facets of identity, including gender, race, motherhood, and spirituality.

Throughout the book, Manning-Yarde employs a range of literary elements to bring her poems to life, including imagery, symbolism, and motifs. The use of sensory language and vivid imagery helps to create an immersive and emotionally resonant reading experience, drawing the reader into Manning-Yarde’s world and inviting them to reflect on their own experiences and emotions.

Additionally, Manning-Yarde employs a variety of rhetorical devices, including repetition, alliteration, and rhetorical questions, to heighten the impact of her words. These techniques help to draw the reader into the poems and invite them to engage with the themes and ideas presented in the book.

Overall, “Every Watering Word” is a moving and thought-provoking collection of poetry that will leave a lasting impression on readers. It is a must-read for anyone seeking to engage with the complexities and contradictions of the human experience through the powerful medium of poetry.

“Manning-Yarde is working her words with fierce determination, with sweat on the brow, that the words, in their primacy, will reveal the stubborn, elusive, blessed truths of human degradation and sublimity. She is fearlessly and tenderly honest as she weaves both personal history and imagined moments. This woman warrior sings about what has made her, is making her, with poems that web outward and affix to other selves across oceans, continents, spanning time, and, with startling agility, alight once again into the now of the author’s life.”

–Mike Pipa, Amazon Book Review

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