Client Testimonials

“Tanya delves deep into every assignment and the results are excellent posts I can confidently feature on our website.”

–Elena Tapper, Web Site Designer and Developer at Nason House Technology; Freelance Writer, Editor and Email Marketing Coordinator

I was lucky enough to have Tanya edit one of my Edutopia articles, and I hope it will be the first of many associations with her. She’s exactly the kind of editor you want to have: frank and questioning, but also calm, friendly, down to earth, and able to find and polish your meaning inside the words.

— Christopher Weber, Environmental Educator

For my article, Tanya took what I wrote and not only helped me to scale down what I had produced, but afforded me some greatly appreciated insight on how to move forward with the trimmings of what was cut . . .What resulted from this dialogue was an article that I was not only proud to say was my own, but one that we collaborated on as a partnership.

— Aisha Christa Atkinson, RLA and Science Instructional Coach

She is like a cheerleader who will boost you up and a coach who will push you for more details, asking you to give readers true to life nuggets of information that leaves you as the writer feeling like you’ve done more than just write an article . . . Tanya also gave me the freedom to have my voice come through in the articles I wrote while tailoring it to fit with Edutopia’s style. My first experience was so positive and encouraging with her that I requested to work with Tanya again after having another pitch accepted by Edutopia!

— Megan Tavares, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

“Tanya is a gem of an editor! She recently supported me in blog post revisions for Edutopia. Tanya’s deep understanding of classroom dynamics and the art of teaching was clearly evident in the feedback she provided. And just when I thought I’d tapped into all of my creativity, Tanya had a way of intuitively guiding me to draw out more. She validated my work with meaningful praise and smoothed out rough edges. Working with Tanya was grounding and authentic. I’m incredibly grateful, and HIGHLY recommend her!”

— Carly Van Der Wende, Seventh-Grade Language Arts Teacher

“What can I say about Tanya as an editor? She has been everything I have been looking for in an editor and more! From the very first interview I felt a connection. She is a good listener and demonstrates consistent care and support. The fact that she is truly invested in supporting me as a writer helps me feel confident that the product I am creating will be polished and ready for the world to receive. Tanya is insightful and thorough with her feedback. I feel challenged yet encouraged, as it should be. I strongly recommend hiring Tanya Manning-Yarde to serve as an editor for those interested in publishing literary works.”

— Roberto German, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Multicultural Classrooms, Author of Blue Ink Tears

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