Creative and Non-Fiction Editing

As an experienced editor, I have a proven track record of helping authors create high-quality manuscripts that are well-organized, clear, and engaging for their intended audience. I work closely with authors to identify opportunities to strengthen their narratives and add value to their work, and I am skilled at managing the manuscript-development process to ensure that projects are completed on time. In addition to my editing expertise, I have experience writing well-researched and thoughtfully composed feature articles and profiles, as well as proofreading and revising the drafts of contributing writers for both digital and print publications. This diverse range of skills makes me well-equipped to help you take your creative and non-fiction writing to the next level. Whether you have a collection of poems you want to submit to an anthology, a college application essay that needs to be impeccable, a personal essay you want to make sure is absolutely perfect before submitting to a literary journal, or a book, poetry, or memoir that you are preparing to self-publish, I can provide the support you need to make your writing shine

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Dr. Tanya Manning-Yarde. I would certainly recommend her to anyone seeking the support of an experienced editor whose creativity, vision, and compassion all shine through in her feedback. Tanya is balanced, honest, and encouraging as an editor. She is a master of offering necessary edits while also genuinely affirming the strengths present in the original written version. I always felt like she wanted my piece to shine, and that we were true collaborators in this editorial endeavor.

Tanya read and edited my piece with one ear to the ground and one ear to my heart, listening intently through written word alone to what I was trying to say. Tanya asked important questions that no one had ever asked me. I am grateful to her for pushing my feelings and thoughts. I look forward to Dr. Tanya Manning Yarde’s continued success.”

— Meghan Kelly, Author, “Birthmark”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Tanya Manning-Yarde as an editor. She was detailed, responsive and insightful in editing my poetry collection. I knew she would do an amazing job because of her incredible talent as a writer in her own right. She intuitively pushed me in ways I didn’t know I needed. That is the true treasure of what she does. As an artist who feels very strongly and possessive of my work, her suggestions and clarification made it possible for me to see beyond my self imposed limitations and find the next level of depth in my own voice that was there all along. Her feedback enabled me to reimagine how I expressed my intentions and allowed me to elevate my craft by exploring and expanding my point of view. She was influential without being overbearing. In short she was inspiring. I am humbled and grateful and amazed.”

— Fisiwe Zwana Freeman, Writer

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